Mission: Simultaneous production of electricity, heating, hot water, potable water, and agricultural water, along with a mobile tower.

Mobile Unit: Integration of all systems and subsystems under a canopy independently.

Connectable Water Sources: Can be connected to any water source (river, lake, sea, brackish water) and produce potable water according to WHO standards (World Health Organization).

Control System: Semi-automatic, reducing the need for a full-time operator.

Sustainability: Resilient against all weather conditions.

Fuel Type: Diesel

Fuel Consumption: 50 liters per hour

Consumption of Oil: 6 liters

Fuel Tank Capacity: 300 liters (6 hours of continuous operation)

Water Tank Capacity: 1000 liters

Canopy Transportation Speed: 70 kilometers per hour

Operational Deployment Speed: Maximum within 30 minutes

Number of Operators: 2 persons

Electricity Generation: Simultaneous production of 48 kilowatts of
three-phase 380-volt electricity independently.

Production of Hot Air: 4000 CFM

Production of Hot Water: 2000 liters per hour

Production of Hygienic Drinking Water: 400 liters per hour

Agricultural Water Production: 1000 liters per hour

Mobile Tower: Up to a height of 9 meters, equipped with 4 SMD projectors of 600 watts, capable of illuminating a football field.

Battery: 24 volts