A variety of activities and processes are being accomplished in the Quality Assurance department (QA) of KATS, the most considerable of which are quality assurance, production planning, project control, and statistical and economic analyses.

ISO 9001:2015 standard is one of the Standards applied in KATS. In this company, we are not looking for attaining a standard certification, but we are trying to gain achievements such as reproducibility, reduction of waste and rework, reduction of cycle time, increasing of productivity, as well as carrying out the internal activities correctly and routine. In fact, what is important to us is the appropriate quality structure of the organization in order to achieve organizational goals and not to receive a certificate. Also, to cover Automobile Industry requirements, IATF 16949:2016 is applied besides ISO 9001:2015. Besides, other standards are applied in special fields. One of the standards to be mentioned is ISO/IEC 17025 for calibration.

Problem-Solving Methods

In line with the continuous quality improvement and achieving long-term and medium-term goals, Japanese quality principles and problem-solving methods such as JIT, 5S, SIX-SIGMA, KANBAN are on the agenda of the company, in addition to ISO 9001 standard. Therefore, all the employees of the company, being surrounded by these issues, attempt to routine these methods accomplishing their jobs.

Statistical and Economic Analysis

In addition to the mentioned activities, statistical and economic analyzes are also carried out for all products and projects that are fulfilled in KATS, in the department. These analyzes include a wide range of assessments and study procedures such as Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA), Waste Analysis, and Feasibility Study of projects.